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Meet Our Team!

About us

Meet Our Team!

Who We Are

StarQ Digital is an elite digital agency based out of Denver, Colorado. We use paid advertising and email marketing to scale the revenues of our clients. We specialize in the law and auto dealership fields, and pride ourselves on building the most refined customer acquisition systems that actually produce results. 

Google Advertising

Why Google? With 93% of the search engine market share, Google is by far the most used search engine in the world. 

Why Google Ads? Ads are the very first results that show up when somebody googles the services you offer. Furthermore, an ad click converts 50% higher than an organic click. 

Google Advertising is a great way to boost your revenues!

Facebook Advertising

Social media giant Facebook has more than 2.3 billion active accounts worldwide. Your target customer is on Facebook – it’s only a matter of reaching them.

The beauty of Facebook Ads is that you can decide on who you want to target based on attributes, interests, location, likes, etc. Reaching the right audience is crucial.

Facebook Advertising has taken many businesses to the next level!

Email Marketing

Do you have a list of prospects? Or are you generating a list of prospects? Great, let’s put them on a long-term email sequence (drip campaign).

This will ensure that you also focus on the prospects that weren’t just ready yet to make a purchase at first, but might become a patient/customer later!

Businesses have made millions with smart email sequences!

Join Our Team

A company is nothing without a great team to drive it forward. Here at StarQ DIgital, we are always looking for talent to join us. 

So What Sets Us Apart?

We are Excellent Communicators, Data-Driven, and practice Continuous Optimization

So What Sets Us Apart?

 We are Excellent Communicators, Data-Driven, and practice Continuous Optimization

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Excellent Communicators

We set up all the calendar integrations and notifications, so that you are always informed of the campaign performance. Our team is responsive and professional. Our clients never have trouble getting ahold of us, whether its via phone or email.



We believe in using extensive data to refine our clients’ digital marketing campaigns. We set up tracking onto every aspect of the campaigns, so that we can evaluate performance and consistently keep elevating your campaign to the next level.

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Continuous Optimization

A digital marketing campaign is never at maximum effectiveness upon launch- it takes extensive data collection, data analysis, and  implementation of findings to really turn your campaign into a home-run! At StarQ Digital, optimization is a never- ending process. 

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